The Source of Revival

bullhorn2[1]I know that when I read the news and watch T.V. our world has changed a lot in the 5 decades I’ve been alive. Society as a whole changes; culture is always on the move. The only constant is change. A majority of Americans believe our country is going downhill. Yet church attendance as a percent of population has held steady since 1990, and probably even since 1940. In fact 50,000 new churches were started in the last 20 years. The number of born-again Christians has grown steadily to 46 percent of adults today.

Given the state of moral and spiritual decay, how is that possible? The answer is simple. Today, Christianity is prevalent but not powerful. The solution is spiritual revival and awakening. We’ve not had an awakening in America of historic proportion for a long time. I think we haven’t had a Spiritual awakening or a Revival because we don’t truly understand what it means.

Society sees Christianity as a religion. Too many of us in the church see Christianity as a religion. We live in a postmodern/ multicultural society today. Postmodernism is a philosophy where truth is subjunctive; truth can change from person to person. Multiculturalism is a philosophy where all religions are equal. The best description to multiculturalism is the bumper stick “COEXIST.”

The letters that spell the word Co use different religious symbols to represent the different religions. C – is a crescent moon that represents Islam; O – is the peace symbol or pagan/witchcraft; E – is the male/female symbol or a scientific equation; X – is the Star of David and represents Judaism; I – is another pagan symbol; S – is a Chinese yin-yang symbol; and the T – is the cross is used to represent Christianity.

Our society see all religions as being equal. You see Christian, Christianity is not a religion. Christianity is a relationship with God the Father that we have through the shed blood of Jesus Christ. When I say America needs a Spiritual awakening or a Revival, I’m not saying we need people to choose a religion and practice it. To hold hands, and sing “We are World,” or sing “KUM BA YAH.”A Revival is not people attending church.

A Revival is people turning back to God. The only way for people to reach God is through Jesus Christ. So the source of Revival is Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ the true and only source for the hope that America has. He is the connection point to God, and without his loving act on the cross it is impossible for anyone to have a relationship with God. The true and only hope you and I have is the man Jesus Christ.

John 14: 6 – Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me.”


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