On Sunday (November 5), our church did something that most churches would never entertain. We did not have our usual worship services. We, instead, sent out teams of church members and attenders to 4 schools and one ministry to work on their property. We did landscaping and painting. Our church has done this once before (2 years ago), but this was my first time helping.

My family and I worked with the team who painted and landscaped my daughter’s elementary school. Ripley worked hard help painting the playground equipment. I was proud of her. My wife, Teresa, helped with trimming the bushes. It looked really good. The two assistant principals were on –site to answer any questions and make sure we had access to the restrooms. They were very thankful.

One thing that our Outreach/Missions Pastor shared before sending us out was a comment from one of the principals. This gentleman was beside himself that a church would not meet for worship but instead come and help him and his school. Serving others is an act of worship and the best way to reach others is to love or serve them. There is a saying; people don’t care what you know until they know you care.

There was an idea that flooded around ten years ago about churches adopting a local school. To help with things needing done. I loved the idea then and I thought churches have done this until I heard the words from our pastor. What a great way to let people know what your church stands for and what better way to share Christ. You don’t have to close your doors on Sunday for a Service Sunday. You can adopt your school and help them through the school year. When the leadership of the school and the teachers know your church is here to help in any way, they are open to hear your words.

Here are some ways to share Christ’s love with your school;

  1. Weekly pick up trash around the school.
  2. Parents of students; volunteer to be a teacher helper (Teresa was able to do that and it encouraged Ripley’s teacher).
  3. On teachers’ planning day, drop off treats (i.e. basket of muffins, platter of sandwiches, etc.).
  4. Work with the principal, and plan one big project each year (paint the playground equipment, build a new concession stand for the school’s sport’s teams, etc.).
  5. Put (with the principal’s permission) encouraging notes in the teachers’ mail slots.

There is any number of other ways churches can serve their local school(s). My favor is what our Student Pastor has our Student Ministry is doing. At the home games, we provide dinner (a nice spread) for the football players to eat before the game.

Jesus Christ left the church (us) here to be His hands and His feet. We are to affect the community with the love of Christ. What better way to show our love by rolling up our sleeves and helping our schools. Teachers-who are over worked-will feel loved. Parents of the children will see needed things done and feel that their children are be cared for. The school system doesn’t have the time or the money to do everything they need and/or want to do. Our churches can take on this and share God’s love by helping.

What is your church doing? Maybe share this post with your church’s leadership and maybe step up and volunteer and lead this new service ministry. Pray about it.

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