Once upon a time, I ran with an I-pod. Teresa bought it for me for Christmas in 2008 and I uploaded some good music on it. But I could never figure out how to turn it off. Instead of turning it off, I would just pause it. The resolute was my I-pod never had enough charge. I went to turn it on one day and nothing so I went running without it. I found that I enjoy running more unplugged. No noise; just the sound of nature. At lunch time, I go to the gym and nine times out of ten, I run outside. The nice days, I run 3 and half miles. On the days, I lift weights, I run only a mile and half. Either inside or out, I do not use my I-pod anymore. It feels kind of freeing to be unplugged.

In his book “Replenish,” Lance Witt writes how important it is to get unplugged. To set a time out of either your week or day to get away from the computer, cell phone, church office, and get alone. I thought it is easy to do; I do it at least three times a week. I leave my cell phone in the locker when I go to the gym. I do not use an I-pod or MP3 player while I run. When I run or swim it’s me time to get lost in my thoughts. We have a rule at our house that we do not answer the house or cell phone while we are eating dinner; it’s family time.

The difference that I found when I unplug willingly and when I was forced to was a sense of losing out on something; information. It was a weird feeling when I first had my smart phone turned back into a smart phone. I had everything in my hands; I no longer had to have a cell and a laptop with me. I sat in my truck and put my Facebook account on my phone before leaving the parking out.

In our society, we want information now. Be it real news or trash about Hollywood. We’re a me now society. We think that if we unplug, we’ll loss out on something; anything. Jesus when He was here took time to be away from your disciples. It was His time to be alone with his Father. When you read the gospels, He always went away to be alone just before He made big decisions; choosing His disciples, before teaching to bigger crowds, or when He decided to move on to another village. He always made time to spend time with His Father. He got direction, encouragement, and a sense of oneness with His Father.

As a Christ-follower, I am told to be like Christ. The Holy Spirit directs me and God the Father molds me to be like Christ. If Jesus Christ made time to unplug, I should do the same. And not just when I’m working out, but when I can spend real time alone with my Savior. Everything will not fall apart if I take an hour to get unplugged. It’s time to unplug.

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