The Conclusion


Fortifying A Marriage Part 5

To insure a marriage is fortified like it’s needed to test the course of time, a marriage needs to have a strong and solid foundation. A fortified marriage starts before the engagement begins; making sure the couple are both on the same page with their commitment level. The fortification continues with seeking premarital counseling to insure each person in the soon to be marriage will be equipped to have a God centered marriage. Knowing the past and the relationship styles of each person of the marriage will enable the couple to be able to communicate in a way that will further fortify a marriage to last for a life time. Making sure God is the focal point of the marriage will help set the tempo of each marriage. Understand how each person in a marriage communicates and know their need for love and respect will further strengthen the marriage. A fortified marriage will not only last the test of time, but will also be God honoring.


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